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  • > In my mind, the image of cherry blossoms is like "Country", but I was consented when Google teached me "Vancouver is a cherry blossom city" :)
    > I think this music belongs to Trip-Hop or Chill-Hop. I love this genre...
    > There's something reminiscent of the Nujabes, with a Lo-Fi sound permeated with flute tones and a soothing Japanese sound.
    > The flute transposition in latter half part was also superb. I like this type of healing music to change little by little in a leisurely repetition.
    > The objects of the drums are so irregularly placed. I thought it might have recorded in live with electronic drums.
    > Misalignment of the hi-hat adds interest to the chart, but kicks felt me bit weird. I personally prefer better to ride it on the 24-bit swing.
    > The chart was rich with 4 types, and the choice of the sound was completely different in EASY and NORMAL, and the necessity was also felt.
    > HYPER/EX has a very complex misalignment of the axes, and even though it's a simple and relatively easy chart, it had extra fun when I tryed to high score.
    > In popn terms, it's like "GLAM ROCK (Space Kiss)" chart, I felt. lol
    > I feel that Lollipop's beginner-intermediate level PMS(BMS) production ability is unique from others.
    > I wonder if you have the sensibility to find a special interest in playing at this level of difficulty. It's a bit niche, but I love it too.
    > This past half year has been very fulfilling for me as a nice low-difficulty oriented PMS chart maker like Lollipop has emerged.
    > I hope we can both take it easy and have fun like this PMS for a long time ! Thank you very much for your PMS. (DeepL Translate)