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  • > うぉーる☆くらっしゃー!2chu! is a strong personal favorite BMS song to me, and on my first listen I wasn't sure how I felt about the strange reharmonizations in this remix, but after further pondering I've come to the conclusion this BMS is basically amazing on all fronts.
    > The references to other songs were cute too. Actually I have to give strong props to the song structure here, because when I recognized the melody from please call me I immediately thought "wait, what is this?" and then when the song switched to the riff from the original うぉーる☆くらっしゃー! I was shocked that this BMS was actually happening.
    > Regarding the original うぉーる☆くらっしゃー! I think it has a strong, unique atmosphere that's gloomy yet powerful, and hearing the main riff from that song here in ルゼ's heavily-reverbed, emotional style of melodic techno was amazing. Overall this song has a strong sense of ルゼ's unique style on top of ワケアニ's great songwriting and I think the combination is full of unique charm.
    > Also クロ's BGA is truly incredible, really all there is to say on the matter. The 7K HYPER pattern is great and I laughed at the end when I was suddenly hit by the big renda wall.
    > I'm unaware of most of the cultural backstory here as I haven't been around for very long but I thought the readme (deepl version) was touching. When I read things like this I think "I want to do my best for the people who matter to me, too"...
    > Overall, it's a BMS I found strongly emotionally resonant.
    > As my final verdict I have to say that I think Akane is my favorite of the うぉーる☆くらっしゃー! series girls..... I like short hair and brown hair and ribbed sweaters. Well, that's all.