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  • > Very mixed feelings, in that the songwriting has a lot of heart but the arrangement sounds very underdeveloped. The sound design of the leads in the tech dance sections is simplistic (I do not like basic sounding supersaws) and it feels like there's not enough going on in the background to justify it; what actually is going on is very far in the background in the mix so I'm mostly just hearing kick + supersaw + chords which is so common in rhythm game music right now that I'm very burnt out on it.
    > On the other hand the BGA is very high quality and once again, the songwriting is actually indeed really euphoric and uplifting, the Korean elements are cool and the drop near the start is dope. I just need more points of interest in a mix going on to be able to tolerate an unautomated supersaw lead!!!!
    > Played the 7K HYPER and 7K ANOTHER. 7K HYPER is good, 7K ANOTHER is pretty tough but seems solid.