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  • > Great classic piano trance song. The choir pads sound so nice, and I really like the call-and-response from the main lead.
    > Maybe the synth leads can get too piercing at times though (mostly notably when the three notes stack up together).
    > I guess my biggest issue with this, though, is the meta-complaint that it doesn't feel like SHIKI's musical style has evolved very much in 20 years.
    > Even though I like the song, I have to wonder how popular this entry would still be if SHIKI wasn't a famous person relative to BMS.
    > Ultimately if making one kind of music is what the artist has the most fun doing then I guess there's nothing really wrong with that. Just, I was a little disappointed when I heard the song for the first time and felt that no new ideas were being communicated.
    > That said, even though the style hasn't changed much, I do think this is one of SHIKI's strongest works in terms of songwriting.
    > Played the 7K HYPER, by the way.
    > BGA is really high quality, I think it does a great job of interpreting the setting of the song visually.