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  • > The song and BGA are, well, extremely good. Flashy metallic 3D BGAs are pretty common in BMS, but this one stands out well with its narrative. The robot itself is cute, and I was impressed by how good its model looked during the close-ups. I love the glitchy, misty aesthetic too.
    > Musically, the entry is one of my favorites. I think the song has a strong emotional impact, the tone of the song feeling emotionally "lost" in a sense. Particularly I like 1:24, the lead melody and chords there are very catchy and it feels like a sudden strong shift from everything in the song previously and it works very well. Also I love how unique and metallic the various plucks and leads sound, and all the juke sections are very cool with their eccentric rhythms. Because of the weird time signatures and textures, the song stands out as really unique to me.
    > I played the 7K hyper pattern. It's a great jack chart but might be annoying for some people? I can't pass it but I had fun playing it.
    > Overall it's a great BMS with some seriously high-level presentation and I'm hoping it doesn't go overlooked.