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  • > This song is really beautiful. It's kind of amazing how good it manages to be considering it's in a genre that's done to death in BMS that I'm honestly quite tired of overall. I think the high quality sample libraries and good songwriting go a long way on that front. The build-up to the chorus is great and I love when the drums stop and the focus is on the choir for a few seconds, but the chorus of the song itself is excellent too.
    > I played the 7K ANOTHER; no complaints. The aesthetic of the BG fits the song nicely too.
    > My only real nitpick is that the kick and moreso the snare sound too loud. It's a song with strong melodic focus so it doesn't feel right to have the beautiful orchestra covered up by the drums so much. To be honest I was debating whether to dock points over this or not, but I found that phrases from this song would play back in my head quite a bit after listening only a couple times, and I still really like the BMS, so out of personal bias I'm giving it the full 1000 points.