Tự sát

Deadline Hater

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bpm : 12-49 (49) / Level : ★x4〜★x13 / BGA : BGI only
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https://1drv.ms/u/s!AodogG7jJNekbz5KczdTpcYt45o?e=7hac6y (PMS archive - 1 chart (Normal 13) - 61,277 KB)
https://1drv.ms/u/s!AodogG7jJNekcOwzJd452jG1syE?e=PX2mc8 (BMS archive - 1 chart (SP Normal 4) - 61,277 KB)

Total : 61277 KB

TAG : Audition-Sound Use-BGI Gimmick-LongNote Difficulty-beginner Difficulty-craziness


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/*I want a really fair environment here at BMS/PMS events, so please leave a comment or an impression only when you played one of my patterns. I can report to administrator if I see a comment which is not BMS/PMS related. Thank you for your attention.
The huge response and Late Trivia are available in two different long impression (watch below). The story of this song is not real*/


Hello everyone! I am Deadline Hater, an IT student from Vietnam.
"Tự sát", in Vietnamese means "Suicide", is an "F" song about a 17-year-old high school student who is in grade 12, and he is suffered the pressure of studying very hard and well, his parents' characteristics and harshness, and hard working. Having suffered too much that he did not want to meet anyone in his life anymore, he committed suicide at the school where he was studying right after the last examination of the National Examination.
Actually, I just inspired of this song at about 7 P.M on April 11, 2020 GMT+9, and made the song, BGI and PMS chart in only 3 hours.
There are two charts (9 Key - Normal 13, and 7 Key - Normal 4) in two different ZIP archives. I do not want to make more charts because it is my very first entry for a PMS event as well. The PMS play level (13) is on my plan.
If there is any problem, then contact me by leaving the comment after impression. I will truly appreciate that.
YouTube link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=npTzT2Ei_R8
Anyway, I hope you will enjoy this entry. But, if you do not, then I as well as the character of the story (from heaven) will not care about it. Thank you.


My Last Words: Yesterday, May 3, 2020, I had a dream. In that dream, I met a youth whom I thought was the character I made in this entry. The place we met was heaven, and we were all dead (It was a dream, I said). We talk together in about an hour, and I also said so much about this song. I apologized him for not making a really completely seriously hard work (I made it in just 210 minutes, and it was suddenly thought up just 1 hour before). Then, he said: "It's okay, because my life is gone. I didn't have anything to regret. All that I did when I was alive, I suffered all of them. Thank you for writing a story about me into a song. I'll never listen to it, as I don't want to remember the sadness that I experienced when I was at the human's world. Also, I heard that you were in the same situation like me, right?". Then I told him all of the pressure I experienced in the past 13 years, from 2007, exactly like what I said in the huge response, which was released in a long impression (?). While we are talking, I suddenly woke up due to the alarm clock. I thought: "It was just a dream", and we would never meet each other again. However, before waking up, I was able to make a promise to him that I would not make any deadly story, not only in a song, but also in my life. I satisfied with the promise. Anyway, my next work is about my high schooling period (Spoiler?). So, my story ended by this way. We want to say, thank you for all the comments, impressions, advices, and even disappoints that you left in my entry. They are my motivation for better works in the future, especially when I am not specified in making music and BMS/PMS charts. I will see you in the future event, with new work, new style, and also new art. Thank you for reading "My Last Words"!/.

BMS Artist Deadline Hater URL
Genre F Original・Self
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Title Tự sát
Size 61277KB BGA BGI only・Self
Level ★x4〜★x13 BPM 12-49 (49)
7Keys 9Keys
Audition-Sound Use-BGI Gimmick-LongNote Difficulty-beginner Difficulty-craziness
DownLoadAddress https://1drv.ms/u/s!AodogG7jJNekbz5KczdTpcYt45o?e=7hac6y (PMS archive - 1 chart (Normal 13) - 61,277 KB)
https://1drv.ms/u/s!AodogG7jJNekcOwzJd452jG1syE?e=PX2mc8 (BMS archive - 1 chart (SP Normal 4) - 61,277 KB)


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Short Impression

C4   2020年05月03日 23:57 (8Tk6mWes/8lWzIC0rcJP)
最後の無理押しでの表現はいいと思います。 が、譜面があまりにも配置が音階を無視していて「正規譜面がS乱」状態でした。 このような静かで音階がよくわかる曲は、音階がわかるようにするのは大事だと思います。(急ぎにつき日本語でごめんなさい!)
Phleguratone   2020年05月03日 23:55 (he4FUBzdfLnaPtwON.JP)
nekomimi_STRaw   2020年05月03日 22:49 (chzbKth2o2T83ZEy4IJP)
Nakaiankow   2020年05月03日 22:10 (NIh0aO6Okq03ybBoWYJP)
ctc   2020年05月03日 15:41 (gzH95Qg0rcsR4otuDMUS)
CYLTIE.   2020年05月03日 02:15 (AY4jypzjGy.CttPl1sJP)
池田哲次   2020年05月02日 18:42 (2SE6wy3p/vYcsZnMEcJP)
ion_tracker   2020年05月01日 01:03 (oRCQY68dh07MwXgL/MKR)
Deadline Hater   2020年04月30日 21:08 (u94TWDKE2ro2WtVw5YVN)
Please do not leave an impression in Vietnamese, because the DEE2 may not support this language. You can comment in any language that DEE2 can support instead. Thank you for the attention.
Deadline Hater   2020年04月30日 18:15 (u94TWDKE2ro2WtVw5YVN)
Sorry, I have trouble updating the comment. :(
Deadline Hater (デッド)   2020年04月30日 16:17 (AC3YveoY2ro2WtVw5YVN)
(Dead inside)
吟世かいな   2020年04月29日 22:07 (VmPjKvi2p8uTCjxoMkJP)
NASA   2020年04月28日 21:43 (UwFKbcyjP/cRxmicQAJP)
:thinking_face: 最後の1+5+9の同時押しで笑わせて頂きました、良い 冗長感と譜面の音階無視が気になりすぎるのでこの点数で……
戒斗   2020年04月26日 20:40 (Q0OvhA9z5PLxKde8dEJP)
Deadline Hater   2020年04月22日 15:09 (AC3YveoY3Mq4OiHyz6VN)
正直なところ、この曲は「素早い」曲なので、以前ほどは気になりませんでした。 私はその間違いをひどく申し訳なく思っています、そして将来の仕事でそれを改善します。(Feat. Google Translate)
Deadline Hater   2020年04月22日 15:06 (AC3YveoY3Mq4OiHyz6VN)
sumomoさん、すでにコメントを読みました。申し訳ありませんが、あなたが言ったことはすべて正確です。 感想ありがとうございます。 本当に感謝しています。(Feat. Google Translate)
sumomo   2020年04月22日 15:00 (pzKrIF6h.HBEPvMqeMJP)
Eltsopa   2020年04月20日 01:41 (OJJ29kvwVR3R43GtzAJP)
Eltsopa   2020年04月20日 01:40 (OJJ29kvwVR3R43GtzAJP)
Deadline Hater   2020年04月18日 23:41 (AC3YveoY3Mq4OiHyz6VN)
Actually I read the rule that if I want to upload a BMS file or some charts that are not PMS-related, then I must put in in another link. I can not break the rule, so...
Deadline Hater   2020年04月18日 23:39 (AC3YveoY3Mq4OiHyz6VN)
Dear pulse, this song is my "quick" work, and I made this song very simply as well. Therefore, the melody is seemed to be way simple and a little bit silent. Anyway, thank you for your comment. I truly appreciate that.
pulse   2020年04月18日 01:52 (8uar8FC38aYaPNQ6U6EU)
chart definitely needs some work. the music is very moody but might need more variety for an interesting chart, maybe a chart with lots of long notes could work?
Deadline Hater   2020年04月13日 22:29 (HJjQ9AwonG21Vc/IEoVN)
[Last place confirmed. That means this song has been confirmed dead... at least until this event ends]
Akash   2020年04月13日 19:38 (o0ZO8LN9t9UEGhIcJUKR)
Deadline Hater   2020年04月13日 18:03 (AC3YveoYnG21Vc/IEoVN)
[From heaven] Yes.
PSYK   2020年04月13日 17:45 (i6MGziElgTcaaNE9TQNL)
used_tami   2020年04月12日 02:16 (Lpw2hif6qFYC5bhtc2KR)
please make more effort on how to make a good chart.

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  • 本イベントはbms(bmson)のイベントです。インプレッション(感想)で評価を付ける際は、実際に音声や映像(またはその両方)のみの作品ではなく、音楽ゲームの一つの作品として実際に触れていただいた上で感想を書いていただきますようお願い申し上げます。
  • 投稿したインプレッションの修正・削除は行えません。必要な場合は掲示板の専用スレッドに投稿するか、主催者へ直接連絡をお願いします。
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  • 罵倒、中傷等を含んだ文章表現や 個人への攻撃的発言、その他一般良識に欠ける表現は削除することがあります。
  • 文章(Impression)は必ず記入してください。
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  • PTS


    Long Impression






    The concept was good; the song was a little bit simplistic.
    You may consider adding more instruments such as drum beats or SFXs.

    Also, it would be better if the chart had the better quality.
    As a rule of thumb, it is good to make notes follow the melody of each instrument.
    159 at the last seemed to be intentional, though I am not sure that it was necessary...

    Thank you for your participation. Enjoyed your work.

    Deadline Hater  

    Dear 0310,

    I read your impression about my entry of this event, and now I am giving a response to this comment.
    Honestly, I wanted this song to be silent, so I did not plan to add any FX or beat into the song. It was just simple.
    About the 159 which appeared at the very last moment of the chart, is was also on my plan, that I put all 3 low-key (?) piano notes (F1, C2, F2) into these 3 row so that the story would go to an expected sad, deadly ending (though there was no BGA).
    Thank you for your comment. I truly appreciate it.

    May 1, 2020 - 23:24 GMT+9


    Nó có một bầu không khí buồn và ẩm ướt, và nó có một giai điệu rất hay.
    Tuy nhiên, đó là một số điểm buồn tẻ để chơi để nó phủ nhận sự hay của bài hát.
    Mặc dù có một câu chuyện như được mô tả trong phần giới thiệu bài hát, tôi không thể đồng cảm với nó vì những thay đổi trong bài hát và bản nhạc rất khan hiếm.

    Lần này âm nhạc là BGM và tôi nghĩ nó không phù hợp với các trò chơi âm nhạc.
    Tôi nghĩ sẽ tốt hơn khi sáng tác trong khi nghĩ về cách phát bài hát ở giai đoạn sáng tác.

    Tuy nhiên, tôi rất vui khi có thể chơi một tác phẩm mới sau PABAT! 2020.
    Nếu bạn thích, xin vui lòng tham gia một sự kiện khác một lần nữa.
    Cảm ơn bạn đã sản xuất.

    Deadline Hater  

    Thank you for commenting in Vietnamese. And yes, I am also expecting that my future work will be better, because this entry is a "quick" work as well (I do not know how many times I said this word).
    Once again, thank you for your comment. I truly appreciate it.
    Also, I apologize for not using Japanese (I mean, Google Translate) to response because I do not have much time...

    Deadline Hater  

    Thank you for commenting in Vietnamese. And yes, I am also expecting that my future work will be better, because this entry is a "quick" work as well (I do not know how many times I said this word).
    Once again, thank you for your comment. I truly appreciate it.
    Also, I apologize for not using Japanese (I mean, Google Translate) to response because I do not have much time...

    Deadline Hater  

    /*The following is the Late Trivia for my entry at SPRING 9KEYS BLOSSOM 2020 - "Tự sát"*/

    1. "Tự sát" is a Vietnamese word meaning "Suicide"/"自殺"/"자살".
    2. The BPM of the song (49) is containing the deadliest 2 digits (I think). It also shows a dedication which people make a worship 49 days after their relative's death.
    3. The playlevel (13) is also one of the deadliest (or scariest) number.
    4. "F" is not a true genre. I planned to name the genre "Sad Music" instead.
    5. The story is not real. It also did not happened in history.
    6. However, the story is inspired from another similar story that happened 2 years ago, when a grade 10 student jump from the rooftop of a building (?) at the school where he was studying in to the ground, and died instantly. After the event, this school tightened the rules itself. The school has also been called "The Prison" from this event (I am sorry that I have to hide the names related to this event).
    7. The story is also inspired from a light novel written by Akiyoshi Rikako called "Schedule Suicide Day".
    8. All of pressures the main character of the song's story suffered is also pressure I had suffered for 13 years. My story will be released in another BMS project, which will be released in the future.
    9. In addition, the story may mention more topics that are discussed so much in the present, such as: domestic violence, racing for achievement, and obsolete education system. I am considering making BMS projects from these, and they will be released in the future if they are made.

    Deadline Hater  

    /*The following is a huge response for everyone leaving impressions to my entry "Tự sát". All times are GMT+9*/

    April 30, 2020 00:42

    Hello everyone, I am Deadline Hater, an IT student from Vietnam. First of all, I want to say "thank you" to all of BMS players who left impressions and comments to "Tự sát", even when you had no words to say. I really appreciate all of you.
    Back to the time when I found out "SPRING 9KEYS BLOSSOM 2020" on April 4, I did not think that I could make a PMS file when I was lack of experience in either making music or making charts. Therefore, I did not want to join the event to make more BMS projects for events in the second half of 2020. But everything changed on April 11 at 19:24 for exact, when I suddenly thought up this song. This is a sad story... Oh, I almost forgot it, I will say about the story in the Trivia, which will be written in another long impression.
    Then I made the song, the PMS Normal chart, the YouTube link, and the title images/BGI/thumbnail from 20:31 to 00:40 (the breaking time was not counted). Because of the short of time doing all of those things, I still had many problems, such as:
    1. According to portion, some keysounds did not play well. I had to downloaded the Alexander de la Fontaine's PMS chart to learn how to make PMS, since I could not set the .pms as the main format.
    Je suis désolé, Alexander. :(
    2. According to mots, he/she did not find the sound volume changing at all. I did not mention it while making music. I apologize for this mistake. Now I am doing a BMS project for 無名線17 (I think). I will certainly pay a strong attention on it. Thanks mots for the attention.
    3. According to pulse, there was not a variety of instruments. However, the song is on my plan. I just use 3 instruments for this song. But anyway, I will care for it, especially I am thinking of huge projects.
    4. According to NASA, he/she was "overwhelmed by the good sense of redundancy and ignoring the musical scale". Well, I will leave and say nothing about it, so... sorry. :(
    5. According to sumomo, it was mostly like PMS players was forced when playing my chart. It was because of the silent melody (?) of the song which had a huge impact on players. I could not fix it, because it was a "quick" work anyway. I am sorry.
    6. I do not know if is was true, but... PSYK hated the story?
    7. tami said: "please make more effort on how to make a good chart.". I recognized the comment, and will make more great effort on the future BMS and/or PMS projects.
    8. According to くるやのぶ, the music make people feel bored... Uhmm... It was the same as the second and third problem, I guess.

    Beside the above issues, I believe that there were still many players who enjoyed my entry. However, I was not glad as well. Because it was a sad story, I do not think that I must be happy when seeing people enjoying my song as well.
    Anyway, thank you for all comments and impressions that sent to this song. I promise that I will make more effort for better BMS projects!

    Deadline Hater  

    / *吟世かいなの感想に返信* /
    コメントありがとうございます。 本当に感謝しています。 あなたが私の歌を演奏する悲しい時間を過ごしたことを願っています(すみません)。 :( (Feat. Google Translate)

    Deadline Hater  

    / * NASAの印象への対応* /
    あなたががっかりしたことすべてを強くお詫びします。 今後のプロジェクトでもっと頑張っていきたいと思います。 コメントありがとうございます。 本当に感謝しています。 (feat。Google翻訳)

    Deadline Hater  

    /*Feat. Google Translate*/


    The slow melody with melancholic atmosphere seemed to be producing the worldview of this song, and I thought this song is suitable to hear
    when you want to be alone and look back yourself.

    I think the song itself isn't bad at all, though as a PMS I thought the work would become much better if below points were improved :
    1. Each sound's volume is apparently the same, and seemed to lack expression.
    Giving changes to volume of sound and giving dynamic range to the song should improve the expression, and I think this is especially important
    in this kind of piano piece.
    2. Volume balance of each instrument should also be considered. I thought the strings were too loud when it came in.
    3. As for the charts, as I lack enough experience in playing PMS, I think it would be better to follow the advice given by Mr. (Ms?) portion,
    but I thought the play level was much higher than 13.

    Deadline Hater  

    Thank you for your advices, which is very helpful for me to make better projects in the future. I truly appreciate that.


    The tragic theme of suicide is meticulously expressed through the use of a melody and string harmonies with a sense of melancholy. I didn't feel any particular problems with it as a song. I think you have mastered the basics of composition well enough.

    The way the song ends with a low thumping piano note and the BPM notation reaches 12 the moment it ends is very meaningful and interesting.
    I was also curious if the notation "level 13", had an agenda. In the world beyond "12"(=This BMS), he ends up killing himself in the end...like?
    Even without the words, I feel that there is a story that speaks to my heart.
    Also, in the "AND-OR-XOR-NOT", I remember that I was shocked by the information that the string of the keysound strings express the title.
    You have potential to create gimmicks by utilizing BMS format. I think it would be nice if the originality could be communicated to users in a more clear way.

    When placing objects, the basic idea is to place the low notes on the left and the high notes on the right. In addition, it is often best to avoid adding two or more different instruments or bass sounds to a single key lane suddenly, as it will greatly diminish the feel of the performance.
    There are some people who make things interesting by daring to deviate from this kind of theory. As you get more experience, you'll find out, so it's fun to play and grow with other people's BMS.
    It's also a good experience to try to create a chart on someone else's BMS.

    This has nothing to do with the score, but there is a mistake in the 7keys chart. (Misplaced at #022-023 2P Side KEY1)
    It is okay to store the .pms and .bms files in the same folder because the sounds defined seemed to same.

    (If you're attending the Mumeisen Event)
    At BMS events, the works are packaged right after the registration deadline, so many users are unable to keep up with updates after the deadline. In other words, it is very important to register a fully finished BMS work at the time of registration. As much as possible, avoid deadline-hately work and give yourself plenty of time to finish your work. lol
    Unless you're adamant about letting stoic music play on one chart, I'd recommend a piece that's easy to play for players of varying skill levels with no less than three different 7keys charts to start with. The BGI should also be created in advance so that you don't have to replace the chart during the event.

    Mumeisen is a valuable chance where you can get some very astute advice on well-presented works. It's sad that participants from overseas are handicapped because they don't know how to make a BMS, so I want them to take on the challenge with a solidly completed BMS.
    If you don't understand Japanese, I think it's a good idea to write about it in the comments section of the event. DeepL Translation is far better than my English skills, so it will be helpful to you.
    Thank you for your PMS and have a good BMS life ! :)

    *DeepL Translation

    *BMS EVENT LITE (to check for upcoming BMS events)


    > It is okay to store the .pms and .bms files in the same folder because the sounds defined seemed to same.
    By the rule, charts other than 9BUTTONS should be in another folder.


    I completely neglected to mention that it was a PMS-only event! 失礼しました!






    Deadline Hater, it's been a while. Now again, I have to point out the error. I hope you'll forgive me.

    PMS is a 9-button playing format for play.
    #PLAYER definition is set to 3 and the object must be placed in 9 lanes of 1P 1-5key & 2P 2-5key. (Channel:11/12/13/14/15/22/23/24/25 is usable).
    This means that you have to change the skin settings of your BMS editor to either Double Play mode or PMS mode before you can placement it.
    Scratch also non-existent and cannot be used. (#019,#036,#041)

    If a object is placed in an unused channel, the object will no longer appear on the screen and combo cuted, or be moved to an unintended position.
    Depending on the BMS player used, it may not be able to be loaded as a PMS chart.

    >There must be some problems about the PMS, so hope you will catch the attention on it.
    I hope this "problem" isn't the one I'm pointing out. If this error is intentional, it could result in a disqualification in the worst case.
    I recommend that you fix it as soon as possible.
    The deadline is 23 hours left in Japan time. Now is the time of "Deadline is Hate!" :_(

    Deadline Hater  

    Thank you very much for your comment. I truly appreciate that!
    I have just fixed the chart of this entry. I also used an available PMS chart from this event to find out how to make a PMS chart using the BMS creator. Now it is free for everyone to play it.
    Once again, thank you very much. Your comment will be memorized for my future projects, especially when I have planned so many projects for BMS events in the future.

    Deadline Hater  

    And also, you did nothing that makes me forgive you, because everything you told me is true. This is my first PMS work, so I understand all of these.


    I confirmed that there is no problem with PMS definition. Thanks for the fix!