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  • > Hmm, this song seems like it's still stuck in the mid-2010s era BOF events.
    > I like the atmosphere, but I think the pad chords can be more intricate sounding if you're more clever with your sampling and sound design. If you compare to the song this seems to be referencing, that song has a lot more texture to it.
    > Since ああああ's style is more VGM-like it's possible the more minimal texture is deliberate though.
    > Played the 7K HYPER. The first half of the pattern reminded me of the pattern of the song I think this is referencing, which is to say it was weird and awkward, but the second half is a lot more reasonable so it's more enjoyable pattern overall.
    > Even though the song's good, it's pretty difficult to not judge this BMS relative to what it seems to be referencing, so if more of the actual artist's personality can shine through as well as the references you might get an impre that's less annoying to read lol