MUMEI Academy 2021


  • 投稿したインプレッションの修正・削除は行えません。必要な場合は掲示板の専用スレッドに投稿するか、主催者へ直接連絡をお願いします。
  • のマークが付いた項目は入力必須です。
  • 罵倒、中傷等を含んだ文章表現や 個人への攻撃的発言、その他一般良識に欠ける表現は削除することがあります。
  • > It was interesting to feel the unique world view. I liked the misalignment of notes, the unexpectedness of the breakbeats in the middle part of the song, and the consistent sense of incomprehensible atmosphere throughout the song. Also, the cat illustration was cute. There was only one pattern with 8 stars, but I personally thought it wasn't bad as the difficulty was moderate for me. If I were to make an advice for improvements for the future, I would say that the overall sound was a bit sad, so I thought it would be better to add more instruments to add more depth to the music.
    > I'm sure it was a lot of work to create this piece while you were busy with your studies, but it's great that you were able to complete the work and register this for the event. I hope that you will continue to work on creating BMS.