MUMEI Academy 2021


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  • > Both chart and composition are chaotic in a way that makes them go well together. Ultimately though, and this might be a bit of a dry way to say it, I got the feeling that this is more than anything a byproduct of not fully understanding a lot of fundamental things with regards to BMS and music production, so I personally couldn't relish any part of it. I'm not going to comment much on music and chartmaking since I think the song and chart being like this is mostly due to lacking experience and that everything will come together quickly if you keep at it but on the "BMS" side of things I would like to make a few general suggestions regarding future works, from the most to the least important:
    > ・Keysound as many sounds and instruments as you possibly can even if you don't think you will find any use for them yourself. More keysounds means more options. I'm mostly saying this because all the amenbreak_bgm keysounds could have been sliced without issues.
    > ・Unless the song calls for a single chart (very rare nowadays since this practice is rooted in the olden days when 5KEYS was the norm and I didn't think this was the case here), always aim for a full spread (the classic and time-tested Normal-Hyper-Another trio, possibly a Beginner if you feel like it). When going for the single chart aesthetic it is highly preferrable to aim for a difficulty level that most people can withstand (around ☆5 is generally a safe bet), since as kei_iwata pointed out earlier if the chart is too difficult you will be severely impacting the number of people who can appreciate your BMS
    > ・Adjust your BMS's volume thoroughly. Your song's mix can have a drastically different overall impact if you find the right volume, and conversely if it feels noticeably quiet then the song will feel weak no matter how solid the mix itself is. Unfortunately I thought was the case here to an extent... Programs like Audacity and its chains let you adjust volume across audio files consistently, allowing you to adjust the "master" volume without affecting the balance between each and every sound.
    > On the topic of volume it is worth nothing that LR2 and beatoraja handle clipping differently which means that a BMS that sounds fine in beatoraja will possibly end up distorted in LR2 if it is too loud. In general there are a few discrepancies between how beatoraja and LR2 operate in certain aspects so if you use beatoraja I recommend installing LR2 if you don't have it yet in order to make sure everyone (or well 99% of the playerbase) experiences your BMS the way you intended
    > ・Prepare an OGG version. Putting up a WAV version for download as well is fine (you can add multiple links in the download URL box) but many people prefer OGG due to the enormous filesize/quality benefits it has to offer. A popular tool to do that is oggdropXp (, which also lets you amplify the volume of all keysounds (throwback to the previous point), allowing you to kill two birds in one stone if applicable.
    > ・Clean up unnecessary keysounds. Out of curiosity I checked out the contents of some of the keysounds and a significant number of them were completely empty, in particular some of the riser_bgm and amenbreak_bgm ones. Unless this is a mistake of some sort and these files are not supposed to be empty this bloats the overall size of your BMS for no reason and deleting the files themselves is all you need to do to resolve this issue (optimally you should also remove the notes and the #WAV definitions in the BMS files associated to these empty files but this isn't even necessary)
    > All of these points are fundamental to give off the impression that you're showing up for the event with a finished work and I would go as far as saying that if not all of them are met on time for the event you plan to participate to, you may as well just delay the release of your work and aim for a different event in order to buy yourself time to refine your work if the circumstances allow you to do so. To end on a positive note though I liked the songwriting during the piano sections and for what little keysounds are available the chart has pretty solid moments. Good luck for your future endeavors