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  • > I enjoyed all 5K/SP charts.
    > Great work. I used it to warm up several times while checking out this event and got a positive feeling at all such times.
    > As for the song, I haven't experienced the culture of 80's, but I am surrounded by images of very happy, hopeful world that is headed straight for future.
    > It goes without saying that the melody is good, but the style of continuing to play the same notes of the (8-bit) chords also looks good on the charts.
    > The stair-stepped 16-bit scales and the arpeggiated shifts in the accent melody all contributed to the pleasant feeling.
    > Personally, I felt that only the shifting of the toms gave a gap in the performance feeling. It's something I can understand as a musical expression, so perhaps it feels like it doesn't fit when stroking in a mixed phrase with the melody. Or it seems to be better to have a larger gap.
    > I'm afraid this is not megawolf77's intention, but I feel the style of my favorite "Pop'n Music" 's composer "NAKATEK" in this sound creation.
    > Also, Pop'n Music has a set of characters that symbolize the songs, and they animate cutely while playing, and BGA in this piece has exactly that vibe.
    > The bright, nostalgic neon signs, the breezy beachside atmosphere, everything fits into a pop frame and is wrapped in 80's charm.
    > If you have interested, please check out the world of Pop'n Music.
    > And if you feel any favorite, I hope you would challenge 9KEYS(.pms) chart/artworks some other time...!!
    > As mentioned earlier, the SP chart was fun for both the axis push and the stairs.
    > The balance of key sounds obtained is accurate in each #DIFFICULTY, and I was surprised to find that the B chart also provides suitable sounds.
    > The 5K chart traditionally tends to avoid adjacent presses as much as possible, so it may not fit your style of play, nevertheless, the same experience as SP was beautifully summed up in 5 lanes, and I really enjoyed it.
    > The current mainstream approach is to squeeze 5K work into the most standard 1-2 charts. If you pour the resources generated by doing so into 14keys, I'm sure you'll get different feedback from SP. Thus the swamp of playstyle is spreading wider and deeper...! lol
    > (Of course, these are my own claims, and I don't want to interfere with your pursuit of the standard 5/7KEY's fun. That is if you are interested in!)
    > -----
    > Finally, sorry to be once more personal, but when I first came across this piece and saw #ARTIST, I had a strong sense of deja vu, and when I looked it up, I was convinced it was the author of BOFU2017 "Family Fur Computer".
    > According to my log at the time, I had given you a brief impression. However, I remember this piece well because it was one of the pieces that got me hooked again after the event and inspired me myself to start making .pms charts later on.
    > I am happy to be able to share this feeling once again with such a retro-oriented work. Once again, thank you for loving retro-oriented BMS.
    > I'm sorry that I made a Wall of Text without much content... I hope this event will be meaningful for your team's project!
    > (Using with DeepL translator. I'm sorry if any rude vocabulary is created.)