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  • > A masterpiece which I fell love to when I first heard the music and watched the BGA.
    > The music uses a very creative combination of artcore, deathstep and melodic dubstep. As the name, "Regain", suggests, this pattern can strongly reflect how one revives from his despair to hope. The glitches sound effects throughout the whole song clearly are great details which improves the quality of the whole song, especially the deathstep drop. The growl bass in the melodic dubstep drop are fierce enough to make a clear contract to the chords and the melody.
    > The BGA fits the music perfectly with a black and white style. (The following are just my opinion on the BGA, may be wrong.) It tells a story of how a man gets beaten down by the disappointment and despair in his heart while he keeps to find the true himself, and at the end after much struggle he managed to do so and regained the true himself. The BGA uses the strong contrary of black and white to reflect the conflict in the man's heart, giving the viewers a strong impact at the same time.
    > The charts are great to play. Cleared normal, tried hyper. Thx so much for your work!