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  • > (Please excuse only comment, as I was involved in the production.)
    > It was a very royal and beautiful trance. I also like the piano in the break, which is typical of Lollipop.
    > In the first half, object design allows for more freedom in note placement as the difficulty increases, which was happy as content for chart-makers team.
    > Arpeggios in the second half reminded me of Broadbanded from IIDX. The spiral staircase phrase is easier to enjoy in PMS than SP, and it was worth making.
    > However, it was difficult because break becomes long recovery and the difficult part in the second half is short, so the balance is easily skewed to the first half.
    > Also, I would have been even happier if the arpeggios could have been cut with decay. This became a problem when I wanted to use some of the sounds (N-chart) and when I tried to include the swing arrangement that I had originally conceived, and I had to abandon the latter.
    > This type of trance is very much liked by those who like it, but I assumed that BOF's tendency would be to say that it has few features.
    > One of the results of trying to create something unique to this song is the 18KEYS chart.
    > The idea came from the fact that I've always felt that DP charts tend to be more interesting for Trance-BMS.
    > As far as I know, there are only three precedents for 18KEYS charts in the past, and I believe this is the first one that incorporates a modern movement with a lot of travel placement.
    > I am convinced that this trance will be something special if people are exposed to this way of playing in the future.
    > I don't know if it will be interesting or not. If there are any problems, we can improve it again in the future trance BMS.
    > BGI also has a "Lollipop" taste in design, which is gift for Lollipop to give this trance a unique personality. I'm jealous!
    > Thanks for your production and gave me chance to produce with together! (DeepL)