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  • > Played 7K ANOTHER.
    > Miscellaneous complaints about the presentation as a BMS:
    > - The BMS is nested inside the folder that gets extracted, instead of having the readme in the same folder as the BMS files. This messed with bandizip's smart extract and if I hadn't listened to the song ahead of time and liked it I might not have noticed it was missing from song select and could have forgotten to play it.
    > - Only a HD BGA is included, which is a pain for LR2 players (personally it lagged the game for me). (Also IMO the BGA file shouldn't having the song playing since that just increases the filesize.)
    > The song itself is very high quality and beautiful progressive house. The worst thing I can say about it is that it's not particularly unique, but it's still very good and something I'd easily enjoy listening to in the background.
    > I think the chart could be better? How dense each section isn't didn't necessarily feel like it matches the amount of tension currently happening in the song.
    > I think if the play experience were better then this would be 950pts because of how good the music is.