MUMEI Academy 2022


  • 投稿したインプレッションの修正・削除は行えません。必要な場合は掲示板の専用スレッドに投稿するか、主催者へ直接連絡をお願いします。
  • のマークが付いた項目は入力必須です。
  • 罵倒、中傷等を含んだ文章表現や 個人への攻撃的発言、その他一般良識に欠ける表現は削除することがあります。
  • > - I felt like I was being taken through different stages of a cinematic battle, or shown the battlefield from different viewpoints as the tension went up and down. I like this film score-esque approach to BMS. 1:12-1:36 is especially majestic.
    > - I think the repeated notes, such as the brass at 0:48 and the strings at 1:45, sound too fake. Differing the velocity between notes more should help.
    > - The ending sounded sudden. I would have considered either taking some instrument layers out from the last few notes (if you want the tension to wind down) or, alternately, building up to an impact on the final note (if you want to end on a big climax).
    > All scores will use the same fairly strict scale this time, regardless of class. (I apologize as scores for some classes may feel harsh...!)