MUMEI Academy 2022


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  • > I played SP NORMAL.
    > Well... I have a lot of things to say here about the entry.
    > First of all, the music is really good, not gonna lie. Genre is EDM, which is quite generic in my opinion. And I think it doesn't sound like EDM either...
    > Second is the charts. SP NORMAL is not bad, but I also saw the chart builds of the other two and... You know what, they are literally the same chart with 4 levels gap (?!). What?
    > And third is the archive. In this section I would like to separate it into 2 smaller sections:
    > 1. Audio: I think you can separate or cut the Base BGM into smaller parts. Although the whole Base file is still playable, completely, on Lunatic Rave 2 and beatoraja, I don't think every other BMS player can deal with it. And there is no need to put your whole project into the BMS Archive, it's useless for BMS because it's only for listening purpose.
    > 2. Image: The MISS BGI has the size of 777x777. LR2 may be still able to handle it, but it's still better that you resize it to 256x256 or 512x512 (at least its size is only 24 KB). But forget the MISS BGI, here comes the Main BGI. it has the size of an incredible...
    > 6000x6000?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
    > WHAT?
    > And the file size is 21582 KB, which is over 75% as much as the size of the Base BGM, which is already big.
    > Now this is the fatal error which may lead the game (LR2) to crash on weak PCs or laptop.
    > That's all I need to say, I don't usually say much but here it is.
    > Thank you for your hard work.