MUMEI Academy 2022


  • 投稿したインプレッションの修正・削除は行えません。必要な場合は掲示板の専用スレッドに投稿するか、主催者へ直接連絡をお願いします。
  • のマークが付いた項目は入力必須です。
  • 罵倒、中傷等を含んだ文章表現や 個人への攻撃的発言、その他一般良識に欠ける表現は削除することがあります。
  • > - I like the switch to a more action game-like melody near the end. However, the bass seems to use notes outside the chord in ways that don't sound quite natural, so be careful.
    > - During the drop, it sounds like the emphasis is entirely on the bass patches and I can't hear the drums cut through them, which is unfortunate (although the bass pattern itself sounds cool). In general, the kick may be too soft.
    > - The choice between only a simple chart and a really difficult HARD judge pattern is rather rough.
    > - Overall it gives the impression of an early attempt. The direction is clear and I think the basic understanding of songwriting is there, so from here I would say to study the arrangement and mixing of reference tracks more.
    > All scores will use the same fairly strict scale this time, regardless of class. (I apologize as scores for some classes may feel harsh...!)