MUMEI Academy 2022


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  • > - Is a violin enough to make a song artcore? (if you go by some songs maybe yes, but still probably not)
    > - As a song I think the moodiness and the way the song progresses are cool. Some chord progressions have an uplifting tone, so I don't know if it actually sounds apocalyptic to me, but the writing is good nonetheless. I think the biggest drawback is the sections with focus on solo strings because the sample libraries themselves are not very expressive, but unfortunately getting good sounding solo strings without dropping a lot of money is hard, so it's sort of an unfair complaint.
    > - Personally I thought the switch to the loud hard rocking section at the end was a sorta sudden jump. Maybe a louder and more intense preceding drumfill would have made for a smoother transition.
    > - The LN + BSS section of the chart is certainly really tricky. I think it's fine to have weird charts like this on occasion but I feel bad for controller players.
    > All scores will use the same fairly strict scale this time, regardless of class. (I apologize as scores for some classes may feel harsh...!)