BOF:ET [THE BMS OF FIGHTERS : ET -Summer Dream Traveler-]


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  • > Played 7K ANOTHER.
    > Artcore...? I don't know.
    > I think there is not enough going on for my taste, even though the songwriting is alright and the atmosphere is communicated just fine.
    > I might like to hear some big reverb on the percussion tracks in the background. It is a minimal track, but I feel the little space that's supposed to be filled up is not filled up that well. I think reverb and ambient sounds or foley sounds would go a long way in this regard.
    > The keysounding on the piano also seemed a bit choppy? Because of this it also doesn't perform great as a BMS, which is further unfortunate.
    > The final score will be "2 out of 10".
    > This will use a stricter scoring system compared to previous years.
    > That's all for now.