BOF:ET [THE BMS OF FIGHTERS : ET -Summer Dream Traveler-]


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  • > Played 7K ANOTHER.
    > Song is okay, maybe a little cheap sounding in a way that sounds disappointing because I think the artist has made high quality stuff in the past? I don't know. Some parts are good though. To be totally honest, I am too lazy to write proper critique because the team concept makes me apathetic.
    > The final score will be "4 out of 10".
    > This will use a stricter scoring system compared to previous years.
    > That's all for now.
    > I'll copy and paste my from my impression on the other BMS (since I am unsure if that BMS was made by the team leader):
    > Regarding beatoraja and Lunatic Rave 2, the reason I still use LR2 most of the time is because I want to be able to open a folder and only see one difficulty of charts at once (eg: normal, hyper, another and so on). LR2 can do this and beatoraja cannot.
    > Also, as a creator, last time I used it beatoraja did not properly display PNGs with alpha transparency, which has caused compatibility issues with my BGAs.
    > When beatoraja fixes these issues I will switch over, but for now it's not really reasonable to expect people to stop using an old program when it still has features that the newer program does not have.