BOF:ET [THE BMS OF FIGHTERS : ET -Summer Dream Traveler-]


  • 投稿したインプレッションの修正・削除は行えません。必要な場合は掲示板の専用スレッドに投稿するか、主催者へ直接連絡をお願いします。
  • のマークが付いた項目は入力必須です。
  • 罵倒、中傷等を含んだ文章表現や 個人への攻撃的発言、その他一般良識に欠ける表現は削除することがあります。
  • > Played 7KEYS HYPER in Choke and Unchoke version.
    > The music is not bad, I feel the story even when playing without BGA. The BGA is somewhat hilarious.
    > But the main problem is about the BMS, I don't know if other people pointed it in their impressions yet, but even if they did so, I will point that out again.
    > Although the music is good, it seems like you "copied" the sound file from the background area to the play area without deleting the sound files at the background area? I think this mistake was made on every BMS in this entry. Perhaps it's your intention to send some real chokes to BMS players? :)
    > The good thing about the BMS on Choke version, though, is the STOP gimmick is quite predictable, which does not make the BMS itself hard for players. The Unchoke version is just a normal version so I have no complaint about that. I also tried 7KEYS HYPER on the Lung Cancer version, but I did not complete it, and it is also because it's more like a SABUN chart, so I will not comment about that version, yet it still almost gave me "Lung Cancer" for real. (^_^);
    > That is all I have to say. Keep up the good work, you can learn more things about BMS from the impressions players gave to you.
    > Thank you for your hard work.