BOF:ET [THE BMS OF FIGHTERS : ET -Summer Dream Traveler-]


  • 投稿したインプレッションの修正・削除は行えません。必要な場合は掲示板の専用スレッドに投稿するか、主催者へ直接連絡をお願いします。
  • のマークが付いた項目は入力必須です。
  • 罵倒、中傷等を含んだ文章表現や 個人への攻撃的発言、その他一般良識に欠ける表現は削除することがあります。
  • > This is one of the more unexpected entries to capture my interest.
    > As usual, let us begin with the BGA, this is a very interesting BGA. That is all I can say lmao. Sorry for that.
    > The audio was incredible actually. It actually fit my taste and it definitely deserves a good spot in the event. If not, I will be mad. D:<
    > just kidding lol
    > The chart, actually captivated me.
    > I usually am never really interested when playing INSANE charts but this one actually made me put effort into playing it. The patterns are placed so well that it gave me satisfaction when I did it. It made the INSANE chart feel easier but still maintain the difficulty it needs. I cannot describe it but this is some of the best charting I have seen in the event, the gameplay flowed perfectly with me by the way. Insane work. Also my favourite part is when there are two notes and a scratch in between, it sounded and played like 'theyaremanycolors' (one part in the song).
    > I really look forward to your next entry!
    > With best luck~Echa!