BOF:ET [THE BMS OF FIGHTERS : ET -Summer Dream Traveler-]


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  • > Played all SP charts whose #DIFFICULTY is BEGINNER, NORMAL and HYPER.
    > I hope that BMS:不為所動 做更専業的自己 will win the BOF:ET. The entry is funny, yet appropriate as some people only think of BOF (BGA of Fighters). Patterns are perfectly arranged for enjoyment, some even include "doses of choke". Truly the most mind-blowing BMS I've ever seen.
    > KEKW
    > Spams aside, this entry is really mind-blowing. Since it's basically an advertisement, the music is actually very well made. What if we can play the music as a BMS instead of only "playing" the voice-over? I don't know.
    > Are all people in the advertisement the "actors and actresses"? I think some are overacted, which is quite bad for me personally because I don't like overact or overreaction.
    > BEGINNER 1 was the one I played first. I actually laughed out loud because I was playing really blind, which means I hadn't listen to the music or watch the BGA before. Then I played the NORMAL 3 [使用例] chart, and I went like "is it a YouTube Poop?". That was a hilarious voice mixing, as what it's called"voice mixing" :)
    > HYPER 5 is a SOFLAN that the BPM changes matched the music quite well (but not perfectly). I think the BPM changes can be predictable unless you are playing it completely blind.
    > I also tried playing ANOTHER 14, but due to the fact that I'm not a professional, I'm unable to become professional. :)
    > Anyway, I think I talked too much. Good luck on the competition. The "spam" above is just a joke, but I would be surprised if this entry wins the Total Division.
    > Thank you for your hard work.