BOF:ET [THE BMS OF FIGHTERS : ET -Summer Dream Traveler-]


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  • > Love this song so much!
    > Musicwise (690/700):
    > Pro: I like the interesting combination of chilly lofi sound and jazzy harmony. The song really mellows me out.
    > Con (very personal): The drum part could be more "performative" I guess? eg I expect a more intensive and agreesive drum pattern start from measure 41 as the motion of melody keeps ascending. I dould imagine a drum cover performed by an Youtube artist take this song to next level!
    > Gameplay(chart) wise (120/200):
    > Candidly speaking, the chart adversely affected my experience while I was playing this song (I only played Lvl.10 chart on BM 7k1s controller). Regrettably I can not exactly point out which part of the chart could improve to ideal by means of modding CNs, scratch notes etc etc. I could just say the creator of this chart still have a big room to build experience from playing different charts and songs as much as he/she can, and finally convert to a good chart as chill as the music expressed.
    > Graphic and others (100/100):
    > Watched the MV on YT after played cause I get used to use BGA OFF, explained the point of the music narrowly, cool.