BMS OF FIGHTERS 2012 チーム登録一覧(INDEXID:188)

The Incompetent Team
DanieluYoshikoto & Megawolf77
Danielu Yoshikoto (BMS / BGA)
Megawolf77 (BMS)
Raocow (Art)
Ofuro (Art)
Alot of People... (Various Sample Sources, will be listen on the specific BMS)
4 People + ??? People人
Because we wanted to be part of "BMS of Fighters", but missed the deadline of 2011.
Love to create music
The Team name was decided by me (Danielu), because we were too incompetent to register and had to send registration via mail... Orz

Danielu Yoshikoto - ドイツ - BMS/BGA (.mpg)
Kon'nichiwa Minna! I am Danielu from germany, even though my username is written in a japanese way, I currently don't have alot of japanese knowledge. I got interested in BMS a few years ago and even bought myself a Konami Original controller. I don't own any Version of Beatmania or a PS2 that could play it. I have been making music since 3 years ago and really enjoy remixing. My music can be found on Bandcamp.
List of alias:

Megawolf77 - フィリピン - BMS
Tell them I'm a silent type and let the music do the talking.
write it yourself...
I will just copy and past it in...
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so... I guess I will just copy this, then.

Raocow - カナダ - Art
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Ofuro - 日本 - Art
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Edit 23.09.2012 12:45 (as of germany)

Due to several problems that accured during the last month, we were unable to submit a song for this event.
1 of our Artists, worked himself into another project and had no time to help.
I, Danielu, was not able to recreate the song I wanted to enter, as BMS.
Megawolf, happened to not be able to send in the registration, due to a storm filling up his place with water and later on, had his soundcard broken. Even though he send me a song I should turn into a BMS for him, my program kept crashing while exporting several soundfiles, so I gave up on that.

I wished we could have done more than just be another team, that didn't make anything special, but fate decided to drive us this way, and I don't think in the remaining time, I would be able to whip something together and make it sound good, and I don't feel like only sending in, one song. I am very sorry, and hope that my team will be able to participate in BMS of FIGHTERS 2013. So see you all, next year.
2012/08/21(火) 10:10
2012/09/23(日) 19:50


Incompetent Due to technical dificulties, our team was not able to participate, several of these problems are now added to the profile... 2012/09/23 19:44
Incompetent gh2y7vnu 2012/09/09 05:56